A person peeling vegetables in a white sink in Waldorf.

The Ultimate Guide to Garbage Disposal Maintenance

A Waldorf home’s garbage disposal is a workhorse in the kitchen, efficiently disposing of food waste and contributing to a cleaner home environment. To ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your garbage disposal, it’s essential to adopt regular maintenance practices. At Genevie Plumbing, we offer complete garbage maintenance services, including installation and replacement. If

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Water leaking out of a white pipe in a bathroom in Waldorf.

Early Signs of Bathroom Leaks You Shouldn’t Ignore

A home’s bathroom is one of its most vital components. After all, we spend every day there, running faucets, flushing toilets, drawing nice hot baths. Where there’s water, there’s sure to be leaks lurking by. But how do you know there’s a leak before it turns into a bigger problem that only expert plumbers can

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Water leaking out of a silver pipe in Waldorf.

The Hidden Dangers of Kitchen Leaks: Protecting Your Home and Health

In the bustling heart of your home, the kitchen is a place of culinary creativity and family gatherings. But lurking beneath the surface of this lively space, an often overlooked danger can be found: kitchen leaks. Whether it’s a dripping faucet, a faulty dishwasher connection, or a hidden pipe leak, these seemingly innocent water intrusions

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A silver sink with running water going down the drain in Waldorf.

7 Most Common Garbage Disposal Issues and How to Fix Them

A garbage disposal is a great kitchen appliance that helps reduce waste and keep your sink clean. However, just with any other appliance, when not cared for properly, problems can arise. If you’ve noticed any strange noises or your garbage disposal isn’t performing at its best, Genevie Plumbing has solutions for Waldorf homeowners! Contact us

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Vegetable peels being put down the garbage disposal in Waldorf.

What You Can and Cannot Put Into Your Garbage Disposal

While the disposal of food is one of the most common causes of a clogged kitchen sink, the introduction of the garbage disposal in the 1940s has significantly improved this issue. However, that doesn’t mean garbage disposals are perfect. Learn what items can and cannot be placed into your garbage disposal down below. If you’re

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A man in a blue hat replacing a water heater in Waldorf.

7 Tips on How to Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

Extending the life of your water heater can save you money. It’s troubling when we’re forced to pay large repair bills due to a simple issue such as a faulty water heater, which is why keeping it in good condition is essential. Genevie Plumbing is a reliable, professional plumbing service in Waldorf that can help

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