The man is installing the heater system in the house and checking pipes by the wrench

Understanding Your Home’s Piping Network in Three Easy Steps & Popular Plumbing Innovations

Your home’s pipes are important. They perform a series of essential functions for your everyday necessities and comforts. Most people don’t think too hard about what lies beneath their home unless something goes wrong or some unfortunate leak requires breaking through walls or floorboards. Today’s piping system uses the same fundamental principles that plumbing used

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Woman slicing cucumber and putting slices down her garbage disposal

The Top 5 Garbage Disposal Don’ts

Having a garbage disposal in your kitchen can be extremely convenient. However, if your garbage disposal isn’t properly maintained, it can become more disastrous than convenient. The overall result can lead to blocking and clogging the drain, which will turn into some expensive plumbing nightmares. Luckily, garbage disposal maintenance is fairly easy to take care

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plumber fixing a toilet valve

How Your Toilet Works – Parts And Pieces

 If there is one home item that is essential to be fully operational at all times, it’s your toilet. We’ve talked about drain clogs in our previous blog, but that only touches the surface of what we know about bathroom damage. There’s a lot to know about what can go wrong with your toilet and how

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plumber helping fix a kitchen drain clogged with a distressed woman

3 Of The Most Common Drain Clogs You Can Avoid

Pipe clogs are never a fun situation. It can be surprising and occur at the worst possible time, like when you’re running late for work or when guests are about to arrive. Or, maybe you’re the guest who discovers the host has clogged pipes. No matter the situation, it can be challenging to fix the

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