A silver sink with running water going down the drain in Waldorf.

7 Most Common Garbage Disposal Issues and How to Fix Them

A garbage disposal is a great kitchen appliance that helps reduce waste and keep your sink clean. However, just with any other appliance, when not cared for properly, problems can arise. If you’ve noticed any strange noises or your garbage disposal isn’t performing at its best, Genevie Plumbing has solutions for Waldorf homeowners! Contact us

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Vegetable peels being put down the garbage disposal in Waldorf.

What You Can and Cannot Put Into Your Garbage Disposal

While the disposal of food is one of the most common causes of a clogged kitchen sink, the introduction of the garbage disposal in the 1940s has significantly improved this issue. However, that doesn’t mean garbage disposals are perfect. Learn what items can and cannot be placed into your garbage disposal down below. If you’re

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A man in a blue hat replacing a water heater in Waldorf.

7 Tips on How to Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

Extending the life of your water heater can save you money. It’s troubling when we’re forced to pay large repair bills due to a simple issue such as a faulty water heater, which is why keeping it in good condition is essential. Genevie Plumbing is a reliable, professional plumbing service in Waldorf that can help

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A man with blue gloves replacing a pipe in Waldorf, Maryland.

10 Most Common Plumbing Problems and How to Avoid Them

The plumbing in your home may seem like a never-ending source of problems, but most of these issues can be easily avoided by hiring the right professional plumber from Genevie Plumbing to take care of your plumbing needs. If you are looking for excellent plumbing services in Waldorf, Maryland, you’ve come to the right place!

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A young woman sitting on the floor trying to stop a kitchen leak while she speaks on the phone with a plumber.

6 Ways to Avoid Kitchen Leaks in Waldorf

Leaks in the kitchen are never desirable and can lead to significant, expensive damage. Fortunately, there are several ways you may prevent these kitchen leaks in Waldorf! Take some practical actions to stop these problems before they start by implementing effective preventive measures. To get you started on the path to prevention, here are six

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Clean drains with a steady stream of water flowing through.

Top 7 Tips to Keep Your Drains Clean & Unclogged

Plumbing issues are every Waldorf homeowner’s worst nightmare. Not only do clogged toilets or overflowing drains cause a major headache for homeowners, but these types of issues can also end up costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in repairs. To avoid costly professional drain cleaning services, check out our top seven ways to help

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