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Keeping Waldorf and Charles County Safe With Our Backflow Prevention

Water should only flow in one direction in your home. Backflow problems apply to all the drinking water in your home. Inadequate backflow prevention can affect your health. This is why backflow testing and installation are so important and why we have put it on a high priority list for all of our customers in Waldorf and Charles County.

Genevie Plumbing is proud to offer backflow prevention and testing for homes and businesses in Waldorf and Charles County. Give us a call today to learn more about our services!

Inadequate backflow prevention can affect everything from your shower, kitchen sink, washing machine, and so on. Imagine if all that water that should be getting flushed out just came right back at you.  This is why backflow testing is so important and why we have put it on a high priority list for all of our customers in Waldorf and Charles County.

What Is Backflow?

Backflow is a reversal of the normal flow of direction. Depending on the severity of the problem, it can cause illness, or in some cases, it can be fatal. There are two types of backflow: backpressure backflow and backsiphonage.


This occurs when the supply line pressure falls below atmospheric pressure.


Backpressure occurs when your water pressure exceeds the water pressure supplied by the water company.
If clean water flows through an irrigation system and becomes clogged, this can lead to a build-up and force contaminated water to reverse and mix into the clean water. 

Other causes for backflow and backpressure could include pump malfunctions, an increase in downstream pressure, or if there’s a poorly pressurized storage tank.

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Why Is Backflow Testing Necessary?

Simply put, backflow testing is state and federally regulated for both residential and commercial properties. You should know that backflow prevention assemblies have very intricate parts—such as internal seals, springs, and moving parts—that could wear or fatigue over time. They also need to be tested periodically to ensure full compliance and functionality. 

Genevie Plumbing goes the extra mile and sends a backflow testing reminder card to our customers.


TREE-Certified Backflow Prevention Services

We offer everything you need for backflow prevention and backflow testing. As all of our technicians are ASSE Backflow Certified. We can help with installation, repairs, and testing. There’s no need to worry about anything when you give us a call!

Water main pipe with back flow prevention


Whether it is for a home or a business, backflow devices need to be tested yearly.

The county will send you a letter with a backflow assembly test due form, usually about one month before the due date. The highly qualified plumbers at Genevie Plumbing are licensed backflow technicians and will be happy to test your assembly.

This is a connection between the public water supply/county water and a source of contamination or pollution. Common examples of cross-connections are from hose connections to things such as chemical solutions, lawn sprinklers and swimming pools.

The average garden hose is used to create the most common form of cross-connection. A hose can be easily connected to the drinking water supply and used for various potentially dangerous applications.

Backflow preventers use check valves to prevent contaminants from flowing into the clean drinking water system and prevent backflow. The two most commonly required assemblies are the Double Check Valve Assembly (DCV) and the Reduced Pressure Zone Assembly (RPZ).

Genevie Plumbing Goes The Extra Mile for Waldorf, Charles County, and Beyond

If you notice a change in your water, contact us right away. We have 24/7 emergency services, and backflow prevention is high on that list. We want you and your family to stay safe with clean drinking water at all times

Let us know how any of our plumbing and drainage services can help you. Give us a call today!

We Know Backflow!

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