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Stopping Water Leaks In Waldorf

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Water leaks don’t just happen from your sink or your toilet. With water lines running through various places in your home, there’s more to keep an eye out for.

In just the U.S. alone, 10% of all homes have a water leak. This can lead to thousands and thousands of gallons of wasted water, higher bills and potential structural problems

Genevie Plumbing can help detect and fix water leaks throughout your home, both inside and out. Give us a call, today!

What Causes Water Leaks

In general, the most common leaks come from toilet flappers, leaking faucets, irrigation systems, and hose bibs. These leaks are easily seen right away. There are other leaks, however, leaks that can easily go unnoticed. 

External leaks most typically occur when there are hard winters that create a frozen ground, leading to the thawing and refreezing cycles that will typically follow. Even minor shifts or settling of ground could damage your water lines.

Signs You May Have a Water Leak

There’s a spike in the water bill: This will be immediately noticeable from one month to the next. Also, consider seasonal changes and compare your bill to last year if possible as well. 

Wet spots on floor, ceiling, walls, or outside: You might find outside wet spots by noticing overgrown patches of grass. Finding wet spots inside is a bit more tricky since the leak could be within the wall and not on an apparent spot. 

Foul/musty odors: Many times when leaks are hidden, you will notice a lingering smell, even after you clean your home. This is from stagnant water that has sat for an extended period. 

Mold and/or mildew: If you have mold or mildew growing on walls or floors, call us right away. You’ll need professional help and need to get is addressed.

Leakage Of Water From Pipe

We’re Ready To Help!

Are you splashing around your house when you shouldn’t be? Give us a call, and we can take care of any leaks you need fixing. Water doesn’t wait until morning either, and neither do we! So if a leak comes pouring in the night, give us a call. We proudly offer 24/7 emergency water leak services. We also offer all of our plumbing and drainage services all day, every day. Just give us a call, we’re here to help!

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