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A toilet that’s leaking and not functioning may be very costly on your water bill! You can jiggle the handle all you want, but often problems lead to larger problems that need professional attention. When it comes to emergency toilet repair, there’s no one more reliable than Genevie Plumbing! Give us a call, day or night, and we’ll tend to your toilet problems as soon as possible.

The Importance of a Working Toilet

A working toilet is one of the most essential things in any home. It goes without saying that if it’s clogged or backed up, your whole day may feel that way. That’s why the Genevie Plumbing team takes care of our client’s toilets when we’re called to service! 

Common Toilet Issues

We know that when plumbing goes awry, it doesn’t follow a set schedule. This is why we offer 24/7 emergency services for our friends and neighbors in Waldorf. Our team is certified to address and fix any problem your toilet may have. 

We can cover everything from toilet problems, leaks, sewer lines, garbage disposals, and more!

Some of the most common toilet repairs we’re called for include: 

  • Clogged toilets 
  • Improperly flushing toilets 
  • Ghost flushing 
  • Cracked toilets 
  • Leaking toilets 
  • Running toilets
  • Slow filling toilets
  • Loose/Broken handles 
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Why Trust Our Services

We’ve become the most trusted plumbing, drainage, and toilet repair company in the Waldorf region. Not only are we family-owned and have passed on our experience and values, but each team member we bring into our family are seasoned professionals who share our vision.

Genevie Plumbing Toilet Services We Offer


At times, a new toilet is required. We can take on any type of toilet installation required. When installing a new toilet in a new spot, piping is necessary for the water supply, waste line, and a closet flange to tie it to the toilet. We can also take care of this task. Simply give us a call to learn more about our toilet installation services.


Toilet repair isn’t something that can be put off until tomorrow. That’s why we get to work in a timely manner to have you flushing properly again. No matter the problem, we’ll come prepared to fix anything from leak from the base that require resealing and loose handles to remounting your entire toilet.


Some older models need to be replaced due to age, others simply cannot be fixed. Since all the lines and pipes are already in place, we can help you get the right toilet for your home and you’ll notice the difference in comfort, flushability, and water usage.


A gurgling toilet usually means that there is air going back up through your toilet. This will typically occur from a blockage in the sewer line, toilet trap, or in the vent stack where sewer gases escape.

Most likely, there's a part that isn't working correctly inside the tank. This issue could be due to one of the following circumstances:

  • The tank lever of your toilet has chains leading off it that may get stuck around other parts, which hinders the flapper from ascending down all the way. Or the chain length that is too tight or loose.
  • The flapper should rise and then slowly lower back down with water and then sit directly on top of the gasket. If the flapper is misaligned, the water won't fill back up properly. 
  • When the water is at a low level, the ball float within your toilet's tank may get stuck. The fill valve works to tell when the tank is full and shuts off the water supply if it gets stuck. This results in the tank not filling up enough to execute a proper flush, which is known as "Siphonic Action."

Examine the water level to see if the water isn't overflowing the tank. You'll first need to look at the overflow pipe in the middle of the tank that has small tubing connected to it. 

If water is running into the overflow, you need to adjust the fill valve to stop the flow about an inch below the top of the overflow tube. You can also look to see if there's a water level mark stamped on the side of the tank.

Then, add a few drops of food coloring into the tank and test the flush valve mechanism. If there's a change of color within 15 minutes, then this is a sign that water is leaking into the toilet bowl, and the flush valve or flapper will need to be replaced.

We Can Solve Your Toilet Problems

Don’t spend your day backed up. Give us a call to get your toilet repaired as quickly and efficiently as possible. We have 24/7 emergency services so, if things go bad, even in the middle of the night, we’ll be able to help. If you have any questions about our plumbing and drainage services, reach out to us today!

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